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Title Service

We know first hand how much of a pain it can be to get proper paperwork for your vintage or antique vehicle so we have begun to offer our service publicly. By selling us your basket case we are able to title it in our name and then sell it back to you. In the process a clean TN title is generated in our name and is signed over to you.

Notice: The current processing time is up to 6 weeks to your door due to COVID-19 delays.
Notice: Mail BOS and Payment to Joe Casola P.O. Box 160464 Nashville, TN 37216

Basic Requirements

  1. Must be 30 years or older
  2. Must not have current title in another state
  3. Must not have a salvage title
  4. No aftermarket engines or frames

Consulting Fee

We do not sell titles. We simply buy your parts and sell them back and in the process a title is generated. For the latest fees and instructions please see below or download our titling instructions here.

Our Fees:
  • Bikes after 1930 - $300 dollars
  • Bikes before 1930 - $500 dollars
  • Bikes outside of the US - $500 dollars
  • Autos - $500 dollars
Payment Methods:
  • Check or Money Order - Joe Casola (Mail to: P.O. Box 160464 Nashville, TN 37216)
  • PayPal - add $10 processing fee (Example: Bikes after 1930 - $310 dollars) PayPal payment email found here.

Instructions and Form


  • Will the title transfer in my state?​​​​​​
    TN titles are transferable in all 50 states including California.

  • How long does it take before I get the title in the mail?
    It can take up to 30 days for your title to arrive.

  • My Harley only has engine numbers since they didn't have frame numbers. Is that ok?
    Absolutely. As long as they are the original stamped numbers and there is no funny business with them.

  • What do you need from me?
    A notarized bill of sale using the form in the link above and a clear picture of the vin.

  • How do I know you're not ripping me off?
    We have a long list of people that would gladly tell you how quick and easy this title service is. Just ask and we will put you in contact with our references, who have used our service.

  • Do you have a spare title I can use for my engine?
    No, that would be both forgery and fraud.

  • I'm a shitty rider and crashed my bitchin' bagger and now it has a salvage title. Can you get me a clean one?
    No, that's called title washing which is illegal.

  • Still have a question?
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